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Looking for talented professionals to manage and lead your company into its next phase of growth? Protech Solutions has an extensive network of mid to senior level professionals with a wide range of experience. We will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements then provide you with a ‘shortlist’ of candidates to interview. Our expertise with recruitment and management level hiring makes this a seamless process.

Our team views every assignment as a personal mission to find the best fit for employers and employees – whether you are the hiring organization or a job seeker, rest assured that you will be treated with the highest degree of respect and confidentiality. We are committed to protecting the interests of both our client organizations and our candidates.

Direct Hire or contract-based or temporary; we know how to attract the best talent and ensure placement in a timely manner. We remain in constant contact throughout the hiring process and provide prompt feedback at every stage.

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Contract Hire

Hiring professionals on a contract or a project basis is a cost-effective way to manage your staffing requirements. Temporary employees offer the advantages of a flexible workforce at a lower overall cost.

How can you benefit from contract hires?

  • Match your workforce to cyclical or project-driven work patterns
  • Reduce costs – pay specialized staff only when their expertise/skills are needed
  • Avoid the cost of carrying specialized permanent staff in periods of downtime
  • Avoid the potential anxiety – and cost – of cyclical hiring and downsizing processes

Contract personnel are compensated only for the actual hours worked. The contract can be terminated when the project is complete, thereby reducing your operating expenses. Contract hire is the only solution to resolve fluctuating business needs

Protech Solutions has an extensive database of pre-screened professionals with the skills and experience to fulfill the needs of your business. We can promptly meet your hiring requirements with individuals who can assume short-term or longer-term roles.

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Direct Hire


Hiring a permanent employee is essentially a business investment – the subsequent return on this investment is often directly tied to the time and effort dedicated to the selection process. However, a good hiring decision can take time, and organizations can ill-afford to leave a position vacant for any extended period – as productivity suffers, profits decline.

Can your business spare the resources and time to conduct a thorough evaluation process?

Screening dozens of candidates who apply for a single position takes a considerable amount of time. Choosing ‘the right person for the job’ goes beyond simply matching skills and experience to job requirements. At Protech Solutions, our recruiting experts know where to find the talent you need for your company – candidate screening is conducted on a daily basis to help identify and recommend the best individual for the job.

Our proven, multi-stage screening process saves you time and effort while ensuring that you acquire the best talent possible. Take advantage of our candidate network that includes qualified professionals for the mass transit, aerospace, manufacturing, and defence sectors.

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On-Site Recruiting

Need a dedicated recruiting resource to help with your hiring process? Protech Solutions provides professional on-site recruitment services. Whether you are seeking engineering professionals or trades people, permanent employees or contract hires, we can help. Our recruiters will come to your place of business and manage the entire recruitment process in an efficient and time-sensitive manner.

We will:

  • Create comprehensive job descriptions
  • Aggressively canvas our network for qualified candidates
  • Conduct in-depth interviews based on your specifications and preferences
  • Prepare detailed candidate summaries
  • Perform background and reference checks
  • Negotiate offers on your behalf
  • Coordinate candidate relocation
  • Manage your day-to-day human resources needs
  • Assist with the on-boarding process

Protech Solutions endeavours to help clients reduce their cost per hire. Utilizing our on-site recruiting service would be an appropriate solution to meet this financial objective.

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Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be a repetitive and time-consuming responsibility. It can also become quite complicated and frustrating as a result of continual changes in employment law and government policy. Outsourcing payroll management to Protech Solutions will provide the expertise and functionality that you need and allow existing resources to direct their time and efforts to other business priorities.

This option is used by many companies who, through their own recruiting efforts, have found qualified candidates but do not have the immediate capability or approval to hire them on a full-time or direct contract basis. The potential employee can be on-boarded through our payroll services as required for any specified period of time.

Protech’s comprehensive payroll services include:

  • Weekly payroll deposits
  • Deducting and reporting government remittances
  • Issuing records of employment
  • Distributing T4 slips

Streamline your operational costs; let Protech Solutions manage the payroll function for your organization.

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