Payroll Services

Are you struggling to arrange your payroll? If so, we can help.

Managing your payroll can become a real hassle as your business grows. While managing the payroll of a small team can be completed without much inconvenience, the payroll situation can become more complex as a result of continual changes in employment law and government policy. Rather than draining your internal resources to meet payroll demands, we can take care of things for you.

At Protech, we can manage your payroll for you, managing any changes to your staff including new employees, pay raises, promotions and any additional changes. In addition to this for our US clients we also offer management of your human resources, benefits management, workers compensation coverage and the onboarding process. Our onboarding services are fully automated, in which everything from tax, addresses, tax documents and electronic personnel record storage is covered.

Business Compliance

With government policy and employment law continuously being updated from one state to the next, keeping up with changes can become extremely draining. Over time, this will limit your internal productivity and can manage your performance. Rather than having to deal with this inconvenience, we can take care of everything for you. With years of experience assisting companies of all sizes with their payroll, we can make sure you operate in compliance with all laws, whilst also keeping up to date with any changes. Our internal experts take a proactive approach to new laws, ensuring that we keep up to date with laws before they have even been put into place. This allows you to continue your day-to-day operations without worrying as to whether or not your payroll is in compliance with government regulations.

What Do Our Services Cover?

So, how exactly can Protech help you with your payroll? We offer several comprehensive options to ensure you get the most out of your payroll. Here’s how we can help.

Weekly Payroll Deposits

Depositing your payroll on a weekly basis can be extremely time consuming. As your business begins to grow, you may soon find that you no longer have the time to keep your information updated. Rather than letting this get out of hand, we can manage your payroll deposits for you. One of our experts can ensure that all deposits are made on time, providing you with receipts to give you peace of mind.

Deducting Operational Costs

As your business expands, your costs will also increase. At first this can be managed yourself, however can soon become overwhelming, especially in industries with more complex operational costs such as manufacturing. Rather than letting this distract you, our team can manage your costs for you. We will take record of each cost you have and present it in accordance with all government regulations

Managing Records of Employment

To comply with all government records, you must keep detailed records of employment for all of your employees. As your teams begin to grow, doing so can become increasingly difficult. Instead of having to continuously update your records of employment, we can manage them for you. We utilize the most effective management methods to ensure all of your records are efficiently organized and available when you need them most. We will also prepare them for you should you ever need them for an inspection.

Payroll Without the Stress

Our experts will take care of every aspect of your payroll for you, providing you with monthly reports and that outline any key changes or updates that you need to know about. In general, we will take care of all of your payrolls for you, only contacting you directly if we need to make a decision that may impact your business. This allows you to continue your daily operations without interference from your payroll. It also provides your internal teams with more time to focus on your operations, without having to take the time to manage your finances.

Lower Costs

Now, you may believe that payroll services are relatively expensive. After all, managing your finances is no easy task. However, outsourcing your payroll to our teams will actually help you to save costs when compared to other alternatives. For example, we will only charge you a burden above th hourly cost per employee. This is significantly cheaper than hiring an internal accountant, who would complete your tasks and would still charge for the additional time they spend in the workplace. As a result, your finances can remain organized for only a % of the cost. In addition to this, we also free up your own workforce to focus on providing the service you specialize in. This allows your employees to remain focused on the task at hand, rather than having to spend their time elsewhere within the business. Whether you need us to update your payroll on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, we are available to help when you need us most.

If you’re overwhelmed by your payroll and need external support, then contact us directly. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible so that we can arrange an initial meeting.