Industries We Serve

Mass Transit Division

As the world becomes more integrated the global transit division is required to have a greater impact than any time in history. We have a wealth of expertise directly from the industry, allowing us to find individuals who are suitable for a myriad of positions. 

Aerospace Division

The aerospace industry is different from any other on the planet. As a result, particular recruitment methods are required to guarantee success. We use tried and tested techniques to ensure our clients receive the best results.

Automotive Division

Looking for a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling career in the automotive industry? At Protech, we are dedicated to providing quality services to our candidates and clients. Whether you need technical professionals, industry experts or new recruits to train, we can help you source individuals with skills and values that will benefit your business. Protech values its candidates and clients and is invested in their success.

Defense Division

Defense Industry has one of the highest standards in qualifying candidates. Protech has all the needed certifications with both NATO and Controlled Goods Standards to supply you with top notch talent!

Manufacturing and Industrial Division

In 2018, the total output of the manufacturing industry was $2,334.60 billion in the US alone and accounted for 8.51% of the total workforce. This industry is predicted to grow exponentially by 2025, with many manufacturing jobs opening throughout the US. Whether you’re looking for a job in manufacturing, or you would like to hire new employees, our team can ensure you get the right individual for the job.

Construction Industry

We recognize that the construction industry is changing at a rapid pace and we continually strive to be one step ahead of our competition. At Protech we have experts that understand the specialized skills an individual must possess to assist in complex construction projects. We are able to provide staffing solutions to clients that bring outstanding value and guarantee satisfaction.

Technology Division

The world of IT is filled with vast opportunities. From Software Development to Business Analysis, and Quality Assurance, Protech Solutions can provide sourcing and staffing for every major field in the IT Services Industry. One of the other benefits of using Protech is we can also source professionals for some of the more niche fields including Architecture, Cyber Security, and Data & Analytics. Whatever the IT Service required may be, Protech can help your team in sourcing them all.